Networking is important to entrepreneurs, we create opportunities for entrepreneurs to learn and network at exquisite locations. Watch out for a Cedar Hub event near you.

Cedar Retreat

Our retreats are for entrepreneurs to recharge and reboot with other entrepreneurs. Unlearn, Learn, Relearn, our retreats are just that the events you need. We bring keynote speakers and resources persons to help set the pace for a new year, quarters, etc.

Cedar Seminars 

Our Seminars are a treasure trove of information and practical knowledge to running and grow your small businesses.

Cedar Pitch Perfect

Our Pitch Perfect events are mock pitch events for entrepreneurs, they help you polish your pitch and presentation skills.

Cedar Business Clinic

Our business clinics are one-day training events, we set them up to train entrepreneurs on the key aspects of running a business. You can also have one on one session with the subject matter expert to have clarity or special intervention.

Cedar Networking Event

Networking is a key component of entrepreneurship success; entrepreneurs can meet with other entrepreneurs and thought leaders in a relaxed atmosphere, forming new friendships, and strengthening old bonds. We meet in exquisite locations having meaningful discussions.



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